Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Orleans

"We're not hitchhiking any more; we're riding" - Ren Hoek

We made it all the way to Memphis with no spare tire. The only reason anyone mentioned it was because tuesday morning right rear was almost riding rim. We limped to Firestone where after about and hour they informed us that the couldn't patch it because the nail that was jammed in the tread was to close to the sidewall. Next we found out that as a rule Firestone doesn't fix leaks with plugs (corporate liability). The option in play was a $170 replacement that they had to order and would take two hours. So we drove to a used tire shop; service menue in Spanish, then English. 6 minutes later we where on the road with a pugged tire $7 dollars lighter. The guy that fixed the tire told us about a yard full of cars on jacks that you can pick apart. Part picked, another used tire shop and $30 dollars later we had a full spare and where off to the Big Easy.
I spent the day wondering around the French Quarter by myself. I went into a voodoo shop to get Little Cinda a trinket. The woman behind the counter told me I had two daimons following me and one was trying hard to trick me. She didn't say anything about the other daimon, which in retrospect is a little unnerving. She handed me a root to keep in my pocket for protection.
Playing in the Howlin Wolf Den tonight.
See Ya
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  1. that psychic doesn't know squat. you have three daimons following you from town to town, in the same car, and i'm sure two out of the three are trying to trick you, and the other one just hasn't had enough sleep to muster up the energy to scheme.

    also, BADASS lead-off quote, beloved ice cream bar.