Saturday, March 12, 2011

day 2, Boone, NC

Alright. This is my first stab at blogging. Hope you all stick with me. Hopefully it will get better every time. The learning curve is straight up.
We rolled out of ILM with a double stuffed van. I think we might be getting 6.5 mpg. We played our first show the quietest 40 people in the world. Super polite in Winston-Salem. We slept on Sam's (Caleb Caudle and the Bayonets pedal steel player) floor. there was one lonely cat that meowed most of the night. The glamour is piling up already! The van door was left open and we dumped a few guitars on the street pulling away from Sam's. Nothing to badly bruised. Kevin's got the espresso maker dialed in on a camp stove.
So it's no Odyssey, but its a start.
Leave me some pointers
Tell me what is working and what is not.
Thanks for reading
Back soon.


  1. i agree, pictures would be nice. get you a little SD card-to-USB converter (under $15 @ Radio Shack) so's you can import from your phone to your computer (or just email/share them to yourself). glad to hear no guitars were hurt in the writing of this post. good luck, safe travels, and (as Slick Rick might say) knock 'em out the box, Linc.


  2. All night kittens, tumbling guitars, silent crowds, campfire's FUNNY! good work.

  3. Happy trails!!!! ^ - ^
    Love, Lu & Van!!!!

  4. keep it between the lines. share driving duties. look for discount "books on tape" CDs--they'll help kill the drive time and enlighten at the same time. tune your guitars. lock your doors. don't take candy from strangers. make it back.