Monday, March 14, 2011

Mountains to Memphis

So we crept out of NC through the mountains from Boone to Knoxville in the middle of the night. Kinda felt like we were fleeing under cover of darkness on a switchbacked road, like some modern day von Trapps. We grabbed a few hours sleep in Knoxville at Jarret's aunt Kathy's house. He told us she had an Elvis room, but we couldn't stay long enough to see it. We drove all day across TN to Memphis.

Sean on top of Beech Mountain
Oh before I forget, we went to the Perkins cabin in Beech Mountain and ended up on top.

Jarret and Elvis @ Sun Studio
The huge fun happened lastnight. We recorded and taped a 7 song set in the original Sun Studio! Still hard for me to believe. When I was a teenager learning to play guitar my teacher Kevin Richards filled my head with all the Sun Studio lore. He told me stories about Sam Philips and Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis and Howlin Wolf.  Kind of how I imagined musicians where passed knowledge from the beginning of time. They always seemed like fables or allegories to me. He showed me how B.B. King could express a whole world of beauty and pain with just one well placed note on a guitar. My entire education as a musician grew out of this piece of information. It seemed to embody why people make music in the first place. Both classical and deconstructed at the same time. Needless to say being at and playing in Sun Studio was like a 360 through time for me.
New Orleans next.

"It only gets mo' better"- Pam Smith (Jones's Mom)

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