Friday, March 18, 2011

"It says, ' delicate unit, handle with care' but there's a big dent under it" Jarrett Dorman
Noah Adams from Dirty Bourbon River Show was a generous host in New Orleans. He invited Sean up to the studio at Loyola to record a track. You can listen at the link above.
New Orleans is full of interesting characters. We met a woman that told us she used to be a smutty lounge singer in Dallas. The names of the songs she sang where hilarious. My favorite was, "You Don't Lick My Crevices Anymore." Fun place, New Orleans. Noah, you are a gentleman and a scholar.
Baton Rouge has some nice folks too.
We powered all night across LA to TX. Jarrett did the critical overnight into morning stretch.
I had a friend named Miles Reid who used to call the hours before dawn, 'Louisiana'. Last night Jarrett did his Louisiana in Texas.
Thanks for reading.
I'm a little tired
I'll tighten up my next post

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