Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mighty Mac Gore

The strory is told of a Confucian scholar who besought the twenty-eighth Buddhist patriarch, Bodhidharma, "to pacify his soul." Bodhidharma retorted, "produce it and I will pacify it." The Confucian replied, "That is my trouble, I cannot find it." Bodhidharma said," Your wish is granted." The Confucian understood and departed in peace.

As long as we are conscious of what we are, we can never entirely be what we are. -Sartre

Long drive back to Memphis. Quick thanks to Jen, Greg, Jon and Andrew for letting us crash at your pad in Austin. Also thanks to Rayland and Bucky Baxter for the free mead and music at that castle.

Jarett shared with us some family and Tabor City lore last night after diner. Apparently his great grand father Mac Gore was the only man to beat the worlds fastest man Hardrock Simpson in a race.  Hardrock Simpson was said to have beat a horse in a transcontinental race, after which the horse died. During a stay in Tabor City, NC, Hardrock Simpson fell for Mac Gore's young bride, Docia. He challenged Mac to a race for her affection, to which Mac agreed. "I'll walk you for her." The rest is history. Mac Gore was the only man ever to beat Hardrock Simpson in a race.
The moral of this story; If the fastest man in the world challenges you to a race, walk him.

"Don't start nothin, won't be nothin'" - Wanda Sykes

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